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Orgaizational Climate Survey

Organizational culture research is an important tool in establishing the internal strategy – how to keep employees. We offer:

Employee satisfaction research

Employee satisfaction has a significant impact on achieving the objectives of the company and on its productivity. These surveys are intended for identifying the elements that positively or negatively affect work satisfaction and work efficiency.

Organizational culture research

Organizational culture is one of the most intangible concepts in organizational psychology and is extremely important. By measuring the organizational climate is possible to determine which organizational culture dimensions are cumbersome to the desired situation. Based on the measurement of culture is possible to plan strategies on how to move the culture in the desired direction.

Organizational climate research

Organizational culture measurements provide insight into the opinions or beliefs of different groups of employees about their work, working environment and conditions at work and the organization. Measuring organizational climate can provide feedback on how well the organization meets the needs and expectations of employees and determine what needs to be changed.