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Croatia from 1995
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Serbia (Mediana Adria) from 2007
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Market research

Market research can help you identify the most effective way of entering a new market, how to retain or increase market share, or in analysing the market situation and checking the market potential.

Market (determining the size and potential)

In order to effectively enter a market or to increase the market share, information on the specifics of the market we are entering or in which we operate is necessary. Only based on this information, it is possible to determine the right approach for entering a market or prevent making a wrong decision.

Market position analysis

Market situation analysis provides an overview of the market, its renovation and synthesis of knowledge about the market. It represents a support for decision making and a source of information to reduce risk in decision-making process. It also allows the development of new ideas that are necessary for the company to maintain competitiveness on the market.

Positioning measurements (competition)

Designing marketing strategies

Choosing tools for the implementation of marketing tasks