Slovenia from 1992
Croatia from 1995
Albania (Mediana sh.p.k.) and
Serbia (Mediana Adria) from 2007
Macedonia (Mediana Marketing solutions) since 2011

B2B research

Beside consumer research, we have extensive experience in the design and realization of B2B research. Existing B2B researches are:

Market research - trends and market potential

In the modern world, it is important to understand trends and their meaning. Only those familiar with modern trends and their impact on consumers will know how to benefit from these trends.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Customer and other stakeholder’s satisfaction surveys allow you to find out their perception of a brand /company.

Image, reputation and brand awareness

A brand image is an asset of the consumer's way of thinking about the brand and his feelings toward it. Only if knowing the properties that the consumer associates with the brand, the company can build a competitive advantage of its brand.

New products or services development

Identification of functional and emotional characteristics of the product or service categories. Integrated approach of product and service concepts - product, packaging, communications and pricing strategy or even a new brand strategy are integral parts of research.