Slovenia from 1992
Croatia from 1995
Albania (Mediana sh.p.k.) and
Serbia (Mediana Adria) from 2007
Macedonia (Mediana Marketing solutions) since 2011

Advertising and Sponsorship


We offer a complete communications solutions - the development of communications and creative solutions that help you find optimal solutions for marketing strategy.

When developing a communication strategy, we offer information to prepare a unique creative brief.

Creative solutions, prepared by the advertising agency, can be tested in order to help you select the most appropriate ones to achieve your aims.

After broadcasting your advertisement, we help you understand how effective your campaign was.

Ad recall per industry and per media

Ad recall gives the information about noticeability of the ads in a period of time. The results allow you to find out what kind of impact the ads made among consumers.

Advertising efficiency

Advertising can significantly affect consumer behaviour by influencing their psychological processes. Consumer responses to advertising are different. Considering those differences and their characteristics, different methods and techniques are used for their measurement and evaluation.

Advertising concept testing

Effectiveness of advertisements also depends on the message. Because of this is very important that all ads are previously tested. This will avoid confusion in addressing the target audience.

Evaluation of advertising campaigns

Ongoing evaluation of each campaign course and its consistency with the wanted goals enables assessment on whether we have really achieved what we planned. Do we get the best possible results in terms of resources invested? Campaign evaluation answers to questions on how improve or change it. The obtained information from the evaluation process give us much-needed and useful feedbacks.

Concept testing

Modified products represent a major step for both the producer and consumer. In order to find out how to properly address the target group and in order to make it possible for consumers to test those products, it is advisable to test new concepts, which include packaging, image, and content, depending on the type of product there.


Mediana Touchpoints is a progressive approach in measuring the effectiveness of all communication channels. The study answers questions how to simplify and optimize the communication strategy, how to improve coordination between the different media and how to minimize or rationalize the advertising cost.

Sponsorship effectiveness and its evaluation (SSI Index)

Sponsorship suitability index (SSI) enables continuous evaluation of current sponsorship cooperation and seeking potential ones. It represents a basis for validation and evaluation of existing decisions about sponsorship cooperation or decision making about possible sponsorship in a certain sport. Besides that, it also allows us to deepen our understanding of users of a certain sponsor or a brand possible.
Sponsorship suitability index (SSI) is designed in order to continuously identify the most suitable sports for each brand / enterprise or evaluate the existing sponsorship deals of the enterprise. The SSI enables a deeper recognition of consumers of each sponsor or brand - analysis of consumer’s relation to a company or brand, attitude towards sports and comparison with the competitive companies/brands.

Sportsmen, sport clubs brand power

The survey allows individual analysis of selected elements that distinguish sportsmen or sports clubs. Furthermore, it allows the identification of the elements that need to be improved in order to create the ideal brand.