Slovenia from 1992
Croatia from 1995
Albania (Mediana sh.p.k.) and
Serbia (Mediana Adria) from 2007
Macedonia (Mediana Marketing solutions) since 2011

Mediana Touchpoint - An advanced approach to measuring the effectiveness of communication channels

Touch point represents any consumer contact with the brand and everything associated with it. Usage of the brand represents the most important point of contact, the rest are ads for the brand, PR articles, website, point of sale, sponsorship ... Measuring contact points relates to the monitoring and effectiveness of various communication channels through which consumers come in contact with individual brands.

An opportunity to establish or deepen the relationship with the consumer or potential consumer occurs every time that he comes in contact with the brand. Mediana Touchpoint survey allows you to determine whether your brand takes advantage of all points of contact. Additionally, it provides information on how many times the consumer confronts the brand. It represents an evolution in the field of monitoring and consumer brands.
Touchpoint research concept represents an upgrade of the classic media, brands and consumer studies and it is complementary to existing research.

Survey answers the questions:

1. How to simplify and optimize the communication strategy:

  • what points of contact (TP) are the most useful
  • identification of (non)effective points of contact

2. How to improve coordination between various media

  • the possibility of real-time monitoring of communication campaigns

3. How to reduce or streamline the cost of advertising:

  • detection of most useful TP's in marketing practice
  • which TP are more suitable for specific target groups

You will be surprised how many consumers or potential consumers make contact with your brand.

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