Slovenia from 1992
Croatia from 1995
Albania (Mediana sh.p.k.) and
Serbia (Mediana Adria) from 2007
Macedonia (Mediana Marketing solutions) since 2011

TGI - Target group index



TGI is the largest independed licenced international research in Slovenia, conducted continued since 2000. Mediana TGI offers the most precise and complex description of target group characteristics (usage of product brands, consumer views, their spare-time activities, reading, listening, watching and tracking of other media and detailed sociodemographic characteristics of the users).


  TGI survey is currently implemented in 67 countries around the world and includes over 700,000 respondents. In former Yugoslavia alone, around 30.000 respondents are included in the annual TGI research.


  TGI - Target Group Index is an extensive study, which has been carried out by BMRB in Great Britain since 1969. Besides Slovenia, it is carried out in 66 other markets around the world.

Who uses TGI?

  Brand administrators, their creative agencies, media agencies, advertising agencies and media use TGI to develop more effective marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.

Analysis software

  One of TGI advantages is a special software, designed specifically for TGI data analysis. The software enables the customers to easily executed various data analysis, from simple data crossing to more complex techniques.


Client service


  Efficient and high quality support for customers is one of our priorities. We wish for our clients to get maximum value from the data. Therefore, we developed a comprehensive training program for all customers, which is free of charge and covers the use of software and data.

Mediana TGI advantages



TGI collects data about respondents from several different angles. These are in fact not only asked about their usage of products and brands, but also about their leisure activities, use of services, media exposure, behavior, motives and of course demographics.