Slovenia from 1992
Croatia from 1995
Albania (Mediana sh.p.k.) and
Serbia (Mediana Adria) from 2007
Macedonia (Mediana Marketing solutions) since 2011

Mediana's web panel

In the modern world, online market research are becoming a more and more popular method for fast and efficient data collection. Online surveys represent the future in a market research industry as they enable a fast and efficient collection of the necessary information.

Main advantages of web research are as following:

  • option of multimedia contents (images, videos ...)
  • increased speed of data collection
  • quick access to collected data
  • the possibility of asking more complex questions
  • better response rate (the possibility of solving the questionnaire at the most appropriate time for the respondent)
  • possibility of reaching specific social groups, which are more difficult to reach with the traditional methods of interviewing (head employees, people with higher incomes, ...)

Beside the advantages for the client, online surveys also represent a more appropriate form of the interview for the respondents, because they are able:

  • to complete the survey questionnaire when it suits them best
  • to take a break when they want and continue another day
  • to better understand complex questions
  • to get rewarded.
Our experience shows that respondents like solving interactive polls, which enable the display of photos and videos.

Our panel enables:

  • implementation of a wide range of studies in different industries
  • quick collection of data among the general population and access to the data
  • execution of research within the target groups with low prevalence of those respondents who are harder to reach
Mediana has its own panel, which includes nearly 8,000 panelists who agreed to participate in the online surveys

The research

  • each panelist receives a personalized invitation to their email address
  • before starting with the questionnaire, panelists receive notice about the length of the questionnaire
  • panelists can fill out the the questionnaire to the deadline which is scheduled for completion of the research; the questionnaire can solved in several stages or when they consider that the time is appropriate.

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Contact person:

Katja Zužič
Web research manager
Tel: +386 59 23 21 65
Fax: +386 1 23 456 176