Slovenia from 1992
Croatia from 1995
Albania (Mediana sh.p.k.) and
Serbia (Mediana Adria) from 2007
Macedonia (Mediana Marketing solutions) since 2011

Mediana RM – radio audience measurement in Slovenia

Mediana has been researching the radio medium since 1992. The measurement was first conducted within Mediana's multimedia research BGP. Since 2000, Mediana is researching the Slovene radio stations with a specialized research, Mediana RM.


Mediana RM offers:

  • Current data of listening of all radio programs in Slovene area, in each region and municipality
  • Transparency of the broadcasting media market
  • Characteristics of radio audiences
  • Details about the listeners of an individual radio station (loyalty, demographic structure, the average age of listeners)
  • Results for Slovenia, by regions and areas of coverage (choice of municipalities and areas of coverage)
  • The study involves more than 80 Slovenian radio stations with new ones being added regularly

Programme Information

Data are published in the end-user software Mediana RM, enable the user to:
  • Analyze monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual data with a single click
  • Calculate daily and weekly reaches
  • Calculate ratings for 1 hour intervals
  • Analyze the audience by gender, age, education and income classes
  • Have an overview of the demographic structure of regular and occasional listeners for each radio
  • Analyze the loyalty for each radio station (listening only to one radio station or. combining several)
  • Calculate the average age of regular and occasional listeners
  • Information about the number of days of listening the chosen radio
  • Update the data on-line
  • Get information on the coverage of the signal (data source: APEK)


  • Latest data are available each month in the end-user software
  • Data is monthly shown on a representative sample N=5.100
  • Possibility of individual analysis and standardized reports (analysis of monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual data)
  • Opportunity to get to know the radio audiences (demographic overview of the structure of regular and occasional listeners, loyalty to radio stations, number of days spent listening to the radio, average age of the listeners)
  • On-line updates of the data
  • The data includes:
    • Number of days for the listened radio station
    • Listening of radio stations for the previous day
    • Listening of radio stations for previous day in individual one hour intervals for the 24 hours, and
    • Activity for each interval of listening
  • Constant support and education about usage of software

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Contact person:

Irena Setinšek
Tel: 01 23 45 160
Fax: 01 23 456 176