Slovenia from 1992
Croatia from 1995
Albania (Mediana sh.p.k.) and
Serbia (Mediana Adria) from 2007
Macedonia (Mediana Marketing solutions) since 2011

About Mediana

Institute for market and media research, Mediana
was founded in 1992. As its first task, it organized the transparency of the media market.

Institute for market and media research, Mediana, is a specialized company for creating, planning and conducting the research. With our long term experience in the fields of market, media and opinion research, we offer a wholesome research service – from recognizing the problem, designing and conducting the research, to exact analysis, interpretation and consulting. We make data sensible for the clients, so they can successfully implement their business and marketing strategy.

At Mediana, we have knowledge, experience and motivation to offer quality service. The employees are highly trained and educated on a regular basis, so that they can follow the developments in the field of market and business research.

At Mediana, we aim to ensure quality of our research and consulting services, which are based on many years of experience and long term cooperation with our clients. We do our job heartily and implement our knowledge into practice.